Learning through Play

Our Garden

Through sensory stimulation, the garden encourages creative thinking. Mud kitchens, sandpits, music boards, and water play are all available in our outside area. We also have a flat area with numerous ride-on toys. We also have a vegetable patch set up to encourage the children to produce their own veggies, so that they can gain a keen interest in eating them.

Children are encouraged to express themselves by creating imaginary items in the sloppy mud. The outdoor kitchen space provides an environment for children to use specific vocabulary related to cooking, measuring, time and maths.   


Focusing on cognitive development, our cooking classes encourage problem solving and creativity. It helps to practise basic maths and to following direction and sequences. Our methods help build small muscle control and develop hand/eye coordination. 

Safety precautions around the kitchen are covered in each class ensuring each child understands their cause and effect and promotes safe practices. 

We promote a foundation for healthy eating habits and confidence in making meal choices and experimenting with different food groups. Herbs are selected by the children from our own garden to educate on resourceful cooking. 

Each week we rotate a cooking theme and the children can take their goodies home to be shared with their families. 

Intellectual, cognitive and social development, communication skills, alphabet, number, colours, drawing, painting, arts, science, math, literacy, history & geography. 

All Ofsted registered early years providers in England follow the EYFS. Each child’s progress will be reviewed between the ages of 2 and 3 by one of our early years practitioners via classroom observation. 

What to bring

We request that each child has a pair of wellies, gloves and a rain jacket and sun hats and sun cream are left at the school for warmer weather. 

We advise that children wear old clothes to nursery and bring a spare pair. Children can bring a pair of slippers which can stay at the nursery.

Each child will have their own drawer and peg where their belongings will be put at the start of the day.

Nappies and wipes to be provided if needed. 

Babies milk should be provided and clearly labelled with the child’s name and instructions.

There is a quiet area where children can nap if required. We ask for bedding to be provided and any comforters. The bedding will be sent home weekly to wash. 

We ask that all belongings are clearly labelled.

Any medication brought into nursery must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and date, and given to the Nursery Manager. You will be asked to sign a permission slip for the duty staff member to administer the medication.