About Us

Little Bambinos Nursery

The team at Little Bambinos aim to provide a nursery accessible to everyone. We provide an inclusive practice with a family friendly ethos for healthy early years.

Keziah Kosecki – Nursery Manager

About Us

Little Bambinos is a nursery with an open floor plan. We have one large room that can be divided into two when necessary, and a free flow system into the garden and the creative room. We recognise that children from 3 months to 5 years require different experiences. However, the goal of our programme is for children of all ages to learn from one another. 

At Little Bambino’s, we strive to create an environment where children may be happy, learn, and express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment.

All staff members are highly qualified, and we provide further training for all employees. Most importantly our staff are kind and friendly people who take great pride in the work that they do. 

Our mission statement

We believe that children learn best when they are learning through play and leading their play. We ensure that the environment gives all children the opportunity to explore and engage in new experiences in a safe and nurturing environment. Skilled practitioners are constantly supporting, and challenging children based on their interests. 

We place a strong focus on offering child-led expressive and creative opportunities. Forest school, dancing, cookery, and pottery activities are implemented to help children develop their imaginations and portray and comprehend their own feelings and ideas. As a result, our community will gain confidence and a sense of belonging, as well as stimulate self-expression and communication through the arts.

Little Bambino’s is located in close proximity and walking distance to two parks, which are: Brickfields and the Sandpits.

We also take the children out into the community to visit the local shops, library and post office which is in moorland road, also the linear footpath is near by.

We ask for all parents to give permission for children to be taken out of the premises. Providing experiences for children within in the community is something that we aim to do as regularly as possible. This enables children to learn about wildlife, road safety and day to day chores.

We are located on Millmead road which is in Oldfield park, Bath. There is easy and accessible parking for pick up and drop off. This is located at the side of the nursery building

Security and safety

The welfare and security of your child/children is of prime importance to us. We have a policy that NO mobile phones, laptops or computers are used in the children environment. 

All visitors must be announced, pre arranged and will be signed in on arrival. 

Only those authorised by the parents are allowed to collect children and we must be informed ahead of time on the occasion someone other than yourself is collecting your child/children.

We ask for an emergency number so you can be contacted at anytime